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Experience the Microcurrent Facial at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa

At Heights Retreat Salon and Spa, indulge in the wonders of our signature treatment, the Ultimate Age-Defying Facial, through Microcurrent technology. Elevating your experience, this facial is designed to sculpt, contour, and uplift your facial features while boosting collagen and providing deep hydration for radiant skin, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines. Our process ensures a pain-free rejuvenation that leaves you glowing.


How it Works at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa


Harnessing the power of low-voltage microcurrent electricity, our specialized technique stimulates facial muscles, delivering an unparalleled age-defying regimen to your face and neck. We engage various facial muscles through a blend of microcurrent technology and targeted physical movements based on kinesiology, resulting in sculpting, lifting, and contouring. These innovative techniques help reinforce the muscles, ensuring they maintain their newly contoured position for an extended duration.


Unveiling the History of Microcurrent at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa


The journey of Microcurrent began as a holistic, non-invasive treatment approved by the TGA in the 1980s for medical purposes, initially used as a muscle stimulator for conditions like Bell's palsy and muscle paralysis. With notable improvements observed in patients with atrophied and sagging facial muscles, Microcurrent evolved into an anti-ageing tool. This groundbreaking treatment is a cornerstone in our clinics, enriching facial sculpting, contouring, and lifting experiences.


Our Exclusive Approach at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa


Begin an extraordinary voyage with our specialized Ultimate Age-Defying Facial, available exclusively at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa. Our meticulous process starts with cleansing, exfoliation, a skin peel, and clinical-grade microdermabrasion, priming your skin for the transformative Microcurrent facial. We further enhance the experience with LED treatment and a boosted infusion of Sonophoresis treatment, delivering vital vitamins and minerals for optimal skin rejuvenation.


The Technical Marvel of Microcurrent Explained


Delve into the technical aspects: Our skin, constantly under assault from UV rays, stress, and pollution, undergoes ageing processes rooted in the mitochondria—the energy powerhouses within our cells. As we age, these mitochondria produce less Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), reducing cellular energy. Microcurrent precisely applies a specific energetic waveform, revitalizing energy production and tightening facial muscles and connective tissues. This stimulation triggers critical cellular activities, such as collagen production, lymphatic drainage, and texture refinement.


Revitalize with Heights Retreat Salon and Spa


By augmenting energetic levels through Microcurrent facials, Heights Retreat Salon and Spa promotes skin health and combats signs of ageing. Our goal is to bring back the vibrancy and vitality of youth, leaving you with a rejuvenated and healthier appearance. Experience the transformation at Heights Retreat Salon and Spa today!


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