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Swedish Massage

55 min | $75.00 - 30 min | $45.00

Soft to firm pressure is used to relieve tension and stress. It also improves blood pressure.


55 min | $90.00 - 30 min | $55.00

A deep tissue massage combined with stretching. This is a great massage for athletes.

Bamboo Stick Massage

Bamboo Massage

55 min | $110.00

Use warm solid bamboo stick to give deep and long massage strokes to break down tension and stretch tight muscles



Scalp Massage | $1.50/Minute

Chair Massage | $1.50/Minute

Reflexology | $1.50/Minute


55 min |$ 80.00 - 30 min | $45.00

Essential oils are used to provide relaxation. It tones the skin and detoxifies the body while improving circulation.


55 min | $85.00

A healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness during pregnancy.


Cupping Massage

55 min | $110.00

A therapeutic process using glass or silicone cups to create suction on the skin, that helps to release soft tissue, drain excess fluids and toxin to the surface of the skin and flushing toxins out of the body, causing a reddish mark that can look like a bruise then moving the cups across the skin, further enhancing the benefits you should also rest and not take the bath at least 3 hours after the session.

Deep Tissue

55 min | $90.00 - 30 min | $55.00

Extra firm pressure is used to relieve sore aching muscles.

Stone Therapy

55 min | $90.00 - 85 min | $145.00

Firm pressure combined with heated stones will destress and melt away tension and tightness for your aching muscles.

Sweetheart Couples

90 min | $210.00 - $50 Deposit Required

This massage includes roses, rose pedals, champagne, chocolate and candles. We start by soaking your feet in a warm rose pedal bath followed by a Swedish Massage.